Audi Car Trackers with Key cloning protection

Audi owners ALERT!  Have you got remote Keyless entry? A must for every Audi owner to protect your Audi with our range of Audi Car Trackers Key cloning theft protection.

Which cars are we talking about?  Audi A1 A3 S3 A4 A6 RS5 RS6 RS7 Q5 Q7 R8 -these are all subject to the latest car theft techniques used today. Want an Audi Car Tracker with Key cloning theft protection

Are you aware how these Audi’s & other types of car manufacturers are going missing from your driveway or car park? Car criminals now have invested in scanning technology to make a car theft so simple that the owners are completely unaware of the car theft until they wake up the next morning or return.

Audi Car Trackers Key cloning theft protection -STOP this happening!

Here’s just a video clip showing the latest scanning devices used to steal AUDI RS4 without you knowing …

Video on Scanning devices used to steal your vehicle…

Protecting your Audi is not hard when our specialist team of engineers carry out their stealth install.

Audi Car Trackers Key cloning theft protection

Audi RS5 tracked trace & locate


How to Stop Audi Keyless theft & cloning

Our latest installation for the Audi Car Trackers Key cloning theft protection was securing & protecting a brand new Audi RS5. The owner was fully aware of the extreme levels of theft within his area & after colleagues, Audi SQ5 attempted theft it was imperative that the Audi RS5 was protected by TrackingMyCar technician for Audi Key theft & Key cloning.With our expert team of engineers, we protected the Audi RS5 car theft from keys from being scanned to clone.As a result, the Audi RS5 was complete with a Thatcham approved category 6 Tracker Locate which comes complete with GPS/GSM/VHF & the very latest Tracker Touch smartphone app for customer Geo-fence. For the key cloning, we double protected this vehicle with our latest Autowatch Ghost anti key theft system allowing a complete stealth installation completely unknown to any other party attempting to use the Audi.

Our Audi Autowatch Ghost is one of several stealth systems we use to lock down & most of all stop the theft of your car or being driven away. This Audi Autowatch Ghost would work irrespective of any Audi factory fitted alarm or immobiliser. The car thieves could clone as many keys as they like or even steal the original keys but there is no way the would be able to drive away without knowing the unique covert startup sequence.

If you’re after the best car security for your Audi A1 A3 S3 A4 A6 RS5 RS6 RS7 Q5 Q7 R8 then talk to our team of experts who can offer Nationwide installations at your place of home or work.

Audi Car Trackers Key cloning theft protection

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