Last year a total of 69,547 cars were stolen, out of these, only a few thousand were tracked back to their owner.

Are you afraid of leaving your car in a car park or outside your own house? Do you want to know how to protect your car and know how cars are stolen?

It doesn’t matter who you are or what vehicle you have, there is always going to be a risk of your car being stolen. It means you need to know the best way to prevent your car being stolen and to how to keep it safe at all times.

Thieves tend to target for the higher priced car such as the Mercedes, BMWs, Range Rover and Porsches. It’s like digging for gold, every thief will want the best-looking car. Yet as much as they want your car, as a result of the security options, we have available. Most noteworthy is that they will not be able to have your car hence being fitted with the best security around.

Most Common Methods Of Car theft


There are so many different ways that your car can be stolen. Looking at this chart from last year, the most common methods of car theft were where the offender used a key or forced the lock. Therefore there has been an increased search into ways of stopping these from happening.

Thieves know their way around most cars and they could have the tools and knowledge to get into your car. You can help prevent some thefts from happening, by making sure your window is shut and your door is always locked when you’re not in the car. While this may sound like the straightforward thing to do, most people don’t actually check these. It doesn’t matter if your 5 minutes, 3 minutes or even 30 seconds. If you give a thief the option of taking your vehicle, they are going to make the most out of that opportunity. First of all, they will know not to take their time, they will have your vehicle in seconds. Therefore putting as many obstructions in the way as possible will slow them down and make them easier to catch.

There are ways of preventing your car being stolen. The most important one is making sure you lock your car and remove the key because using a key is the easiest and quickest way of getting in a car without causing any damage.

How many cars are returned to their owner?


To help combat the loss of a vehicle through theft, a car tracker could be installed to increase the likelihood of your car being returned to you. A tracker allows the police to track your car to find the person who stole it and also to return your car. Most cars are returned back to their owner will little damage although in some cases there could be damage or things missing such as the radio.

Most common times for car theft


When is your vehicle most in danger? Your car is most likely to be stolen at night on your own street, outside your home. Thieves usually aim to cars at night as the streets will be dark with nobody around to interrupt them.

Where are cars mostly stolen from?


You have probably parked your car in all of these locations. From data, it’s a fact that thieves aim to steal cars in the evening or at night, and around these times your car is mostly sitting on your drive outside your home

What you can do


Lock the Door

– Always make sure you lock your car doors and close your window, including a sunroof if you have one. Whenever you leave the car even if it is for a couple of minutes, you need to make sure you lock it! It doesn’t take long for it to be stolen. You could also use security devices such as steering wheel locks and alarms.

Install a car tracker

Having a GPS tracker installed in your car allows you to always be aware of where your car is. If your car is ever stolen, the first thing you are going to is panic and call the police to tell me what has happened. This then allows the police to find your car but it will be a lot faster with a tracker. Also, installing a tracker means there are less cost, for example, if your car is stolen without a tracker it means you will have to go through your insurance which also means bringing up the price.


Never ever leave your keys unattended! Due to this being an easy way for a potential thief to get into your car without causing any damage. Criminals are starting to target petrol stations, shops and even outside a school. As they know this is where drivers will most likely leave their car with the keys in unattended. 


Don’t leave any valuables on display in the car. These can include phones, CDs, money, even a plastic bag. As this may make a criminal think there is something worth stealing in the bag.  Plus, gives you an excuse to keep your car tidy!

Shopping Bags

Christmas is known as a good time of the year for thieves. As they know most cars will be filled with shopping bags full of goodies. People are always in a rush around Christmas. Carrying all their them bags inside the house. Not wanting anyone to see what you have brought. So you may forget to lock your car as your hands are full. You also need to keep all shopping bags out of sight in a boot.

Spare Key

We all have a spare key for a car but where is yours kept? It is important that you do not keep your spare key inside your car. Due to thieves having an easier access to your vehicle if they manage to get inside.  Make sure your spare key is in a safe place. But never put them near the front door as they can get your key through the letterbox.

Car parking

Busy Areas

Parking in a busy area means thieves are less likely target your car. Because of the car park is busy and they are more and likely to be caught. They would much rather focus on a much quieter area.

Well managed

Look for a well-managed car park where it is controlled by an entry and exit point. Or where you need a card to get out of the gates. The only way of getting out the car park is having the card to open the gate. So there is no way of your car leaving the car park.

Safe car parks

Safe car parks will be vetted by police and awarded the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers.) This means it is a safer parking scheme. This scheme makes car parks a safer environment and they aim to reduce crime. Therefore your vehicle would be a lot safer in this monitored environment.



We have a wide range of products from car trackers to extra security options. These can all help you keep your care secure and safe.


Here at Tracking My Car, we can’t stop your car being stolen. But what we can do if track down your car if it is ever stolen.  We can trace and track your car and return your car back to you. Want to find more about our tracker then Get in touch with us today!






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