What are Thatcham Category S5 Tracking Systems?

Category S5 Tracking Systems

Without the keys, the majority of modern cars are much harder to steal and beyond the abilities of all but the most sophisticated thieves. How the criminals respond, have been to focus on stealing the keys in order to steal the car.

To tackle the new trend of key theft, Thatcham are continually working with the police and other partners to develop a range of technologies, one of which led to the introduction of the Thatcham Category S5 Criteria for after theft recovery systems. This system involves automatic driver recognition ( also known as ADR cards/fobs. )

These criteria allow Category S5 Tracking Systems to be fitted to vehicles & will have a direct effect on vehicle crime. It is not only the device in the vehicle that is subject to the criteria. For the first time, a Thatcham Category applies to the entire system – design, installation, maintenance and operation, with quality and security requirements being set and audited at every level. Category S5 Trackers are one of a number of categories that Thatcham have defined as one of the highest Class of vehicle security tracking systems.

Category S5 Tracking Systems – Gps/Gsm tracking vehicle tracking system including automatic driver recognition cards.

Tracker S5 Plus – Gps/Gsm/VHF vehicle tracking system including driver I.D cards.

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