Keep car safe with the best GPS car tracking security system.

Have you wondered how to keep the car safe? After years of decline, there was an upward trend in car theft in England and Wales in 2015. In fact, the number of cars stolen went up by 9% – that’s 75,656 vehicles in all. From brand new luxury SUVs through to old saloons, car theft is on the up. It isn’t even models that are currently in production either – Keep Car Safe!  cult vehicles such as Land Rover Defenders saw an 8% rise in theft.

Organised gangs with specialist tools often steal top-end cars to order, and some vehicles are even being sent overseas. Though we’re able to track your car when it’s stolen, there’s plenty that you can do to prevent someone getting to your car in the first place. Here are our top tips and advice to help keep your car safe.

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Park in a safe place

Before you even get out of your car, make sure you leave it in a secure area. Not everyone has the luxury of a garage or a driveway! Make sure the street is well lit and if possible is near a CCTV camera. Even if you do have a garage there’s plenty you can do to make sure it’s safe too.  Use a British Standard 5-lever mortice lock and bolt for any access points, such as a side and rear door.The new anti-snap locks are the new trend for high home security. You might even want deterrents such as a camera in an obvious place. Even Cctv installation of gated entry to a driveway.

Close your windows – and your sunroof

Just before you lock your car, make sure that all windows are closed and that your sunroof is sealed. These are prime entry points for thieves, especially in summer when you might want your car interior to remain cool.

Don’t leave your valuables on display

Before you lock your car, check that there are no gadgets, handbags, business cases or wallets on display. If they’re left out on a rear seat, then they’re an open invitation to a car thief. If there’s an item of high risk or value and you need to leave it in the car, then make sure you buy an appropriate chain or lock and secure it to an attachment point in the boot of your car.

Is your car actually locked?

It’s easier than you think to forget to lock your car. With the rise of sophisticated remote locking systems in recent years, it’s possible to press the wrong button by mistake. You could turn away without checking that the lights blink or locking noise accordingly, or the battery in your key fob may no longer work. Make sure you face the car, check the locking mechanism has engaged, and that you’ve tried the door handle just to be sure.

Alarms and steering locks

Does your vehicle have a sophisticated alarm and immobilisation system? Make sure it’s activated and working properly. But if it doesn’t, then there are plenty of car alarm systems that you can purchase, keep-car-safe-car-tracker and steering locks to help act as a deterrent to thieves.

Don’t walk away from a running car

This is particularly important in winter when you’re defrosting the windscreen or you start the car to warm it up before you drive to work. All you have to do is head back inside for a few seconds to get some more water or an ice scraper, and your car may be gone – even if it’s parked in your own driveway.

Handing over the keys?

Key cloning is on the rise. When you’re handing over your keys to someone – such as a prospective buyer, a mechanic or someone who’s going to clean the interior for you – make sure you trust them.

Where’s your spare key?

If thieves break into your home, then you don’t want them to get your car as well. Make sure keys are stored in a safe place, such as a locked drawer or, even better, a home safe.

If you would like to know more about how you can keep your car safe then get in touch with us today!


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