Ford Transit Connect – High Security Rep Lock/ Hi Key



Ford Transit Connect – High Security Rep Lock/ Hi Key

*** Warning – Drivers door theft entry on your Ford Transit connect van ***

This product has been designed to replace your factory door lock on a Ford Transit Connect. The Ford Transit connect has become so vulnerable for thieves to break & enter the vehicle with a Ford door lockpick that can be purchased online by anyone!

This Ford door lock pick not only allows the thieves to unlock all the doors on the central locking but also allows them in most cases to use on the ignition barrel. With additional OBD programming tools that thieves have, they can now bypass your factory immobiliser at ease.

Our Ford Transit anti pick & tamper door lock allows a direct replacement for your Ford Transit Connect driver’s door & this includes a 75mm lock protection plate which prevents thieves from being able to pop the lock off or damage your lock. This is a definite for keeping thieves out of your van.



Price above includes installation at our Nottingham workshop.

* For a price on Nationwide installation please contact our sales team.