META M43J – Thatcham CAT 2 Immobiliser


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META M43J – Thatcham CAT 2 Immobiliser

Secure your vehicle today with the META M43J – Thatcham CAT2 Immobiliser

The META M43J offers you a security system which prevents the vehicle from being driven away.

This system requires you to have one of the ADR tags present in the vehicle, when you are trying to start & drive away. If this tag is not present, the vehicle will be immobilised, and will not be able to be driven away.

As the images show, the ADR tag comes with a key ring to be attached to either a set of keys, a lanyard or wherever is best for yourself. (We would not recommend having this attached to your vehicles keys, as if the keys were stolen, the thief would have access to your ADR tag, and this will allow them to drive the vehicle.)

  • Two ADR (automatic driver recognition) code tags supplied
  • Tags shut down of no movement of the tag to increase battery life and turn back automatically on when the tag is moved again.
  • Automatic disarm once the unit sees one of coded ADR tags.
  • No customer interaction required to arm or disarm the system so the kit will integrate and is compatible with any wireless or non-wireless vehicle ignition key.
  • Secure override that can be used if any of the uniquely coded individual tags are not available