Meta Trak Pulsar – Battery Powered


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*The battery life of the Meta Trak Pulsar is upto 3 years – depending on usage

Meta Trak Pulsar

Battery-Powered Asset Protection

Meta Trak Pulsar

No Power? No Problem

Meta Trak Pulsar – Whatever the asset, as long as you can mount and hide the device, you can track it!

Meta Trak Pulsar is a handy, battery-powered asset protection solution. Requiring no hardwiring, it can be used to track a range of different asset types from trailers to generators and other pieces of equipment.

  • Small, discreet and cost-effective
  • Three-year service package
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Waterproof
  • Operates on CR123A Batteries – Designed to work in cold weather
  • Magnetic base is also available as an add-on

Our three-year service package connects you to your asset via the Meta Trak Pulsar app.

It’s intuitive and easy-to-use and you can manage the tracking of multiple assets from a single account.

Use it as a stand-alone tracking device, or as back-up to another tracking solution for ultimate security.

2x CR123A Batteries are designed to provide upto 3 years of battery life. This is dependent on the usage of the tracking system.

Meta Trak Pulsar

The Meta Trak Pulsar remains in sleep mode until its daily programmable awake times, prolonging the battery life and ensuring that it’s totally undetectable.

The device will wake up at an exact time each day to communicate your asset’s location.

You can customise an additional 1-3 wake-up times every 24 hours, to best suit your needs.

During a scheduled wake-up, your device will check for, and action, any pending commands:

Meta Trak Pulsar


  3 year battery life (usage dependent) – replaceable
   Fully waterproof (IP67)

   UK & EU coverage
•   Transferrable between assets
•   Dimensions: 95mm x 42mm x 18mm