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Sometimes our clients find it daunting to trail through many websites looking for the right Insurance approved car tracking system for their vehicle. So with the help of our team of expert advisors, we have listed the most popular Tracker Brands & the very best car tracking systems currently available.

Identifying what you really need for an Insurance approved car tracker can always involve numerous phone calls back and forth. With this easy guide – you will be able to see each Insurance approved car tracker and a brief detail of the pro’s and cons to each product to give you a better understanding of all the car tracking products and brands.

Now you will never have to worry about having an Insurance approved car tracking system fitted .

Vodafone Cobra

Well established Vodafone Cobra vehicle security is amongst the top of Tracker suppliers to the Prestige car manufacturers. With its sister company NavTrak, they supply tracking systems to Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, Maserati, VAG Group,Mitsubishi & much more.

The one great advantage that many people are not aware of Vodafone Cobra, is that they actually own all the Control centres across Europe -thus they do not outsource when comparing with other control centres.

Cobratrak Plus ( Average price £300 fitted ) 



Cobra’s latest category 6 tracking system . Built to the very high standards Cobra vehicle security use the latest circuitry & GPRS/GSM technology in this waterproof all in one tracking system.

This tracking system also has web access & geofence (optional extra), Gps jamming detection,vehicle alerts by email or SMS – ideal if you have your car parked at the airport whilst you’re on holiday.

Endorsed by the Vag group & many more vehicle manufactures this unit has become a very popular tracking system within the motor trade. Cobra has been known as one of the most superior tracking systems for reliability in the marketplace.



Cannot add automatic driver recognition (ADR) fobs. If wanting additional key protection feature then you must upgrade to Cobra ADR or the Cobra Cat5.



Cobra ADR Category 6 tracking system with Driver I.D


An excellent GPS/GPRS/GSM stolen car tracker similar to the Cobratrak Plus but with the exception of being a Pro-active tracking system including two Automatic Driver Recognition cards known as ADR. The slim wireless driver card is carried by the driver every time they move the vehicle. It senses the card as the authorized owner of the vehicle. Should the vehicle be driven/moved/towed without the ADR card it will automatically send an alert to the Vodafone Cobra Control centre. This type of tracking system is similar to the Bentley,Ferrari,Lamborghini, Maserati,Porsche & other Supercar,Prestige Manufacturers. Thanks to the integral roaming SIM card which can automatically communicate with the best connected of more than 360 local GSM networks, the combination of GPS and quad band GPRS/GSM technologies enable the constant transmission of locating data.




Price can be rather steep for this category 6 tracking systems when comparing to Cobra’s flagship Cat5 tracker. The additional difference being Cobra Cat5 having immobilization & a SOC (Secure Operating Centre).


Cobra Cat5 – Tracking system Thatcham approved


Flag ship of the Vodafone Cobra tracking system range.This Cobra Category 5 tracking device is an excellent GPS/GPRS/GSM stolen car tracker similar to the Cobratrak ADR but with the addtion of being an added immobilization which can only be activated by the Police ( in the event of a theft) .The Cobra category5 tracker is also a Pro-active tracking system including two Automatic Driver Recognition cards known as ADR. Just like the Cobra ADR the slim wireless driver card must be  carried by the driver every time they move the vehicle.Cobra Cat5  is similar to the NavTrak 5 fitted on Aston Martin,Audi, Bentley,Ferrari,Lamborghini, Maserati,Porsche & other Supercar,Prestige Manufacturers. Thanks to the integral roaming SIM card which can automatically communicate with the best connected of more than 360 local GSM networks, the combination of GPS and quad band GPRS/GSM technologies enable the constant transmission of locating data.


Cobra’s flagship Cat5 tracker is very hard to beat as but if there was one downside it would be that it does not come with the patent VHF signal that is fitted on the Tracker Brand car tracking systems.


Smartrack car tracking- The youngest of established UK based tracking company. Smartrack has done well & are now well known in the stolen car tracking industry for their reliability & comprehensive 3-year parts & labour warranty. Smartrack has won numerous awards in the past for ‘Best Tracker” at the MEN awards ( Mobile Electronic Awards 2007-2012). Offering Category 5 /6 Stolen vehicle & fleet tracking systems they have a very good network across the UK .The tracking systems also have an optional add-on feature that can be installed & activated, allowing the driver to add immobilization to the vehicle & arm/disarm it via SMS message, ideal for Plant /agricultural equipment.





Smartrack Pro  ( Average price £200-£250 fitted )


Thatcham approved category 6 tracking system with very good reliability & a comprehensive 3-year parts & labour warranty. The new Smartrack Pro now comes with a free app that allows the owner to see the last known location.



No web access feature for the end user.





Trident  ( Average price £300 fitted )


Another award winning tracking system by Smartrack . Receiving numerous Gold & Silver awards , this tracking system offers additional feature of web access to end user ( additional cost of £50 subscription if full driver logs & reports are required )


If using this tracker with the option of  ‘web access’ tracking reports. The tracking device requires reporting to the control center on a daily basis . The (BBU)  battery backup must, therefore, retain a good ‘power charge’ & it can only do this when the vehicle ignition has been turned on or the vehicle running. This is not a problem with cars that are used on a daily basis, however, if you have a classic or prestige vehicle that is garage & only used rarely then you may need to consider consulting with the installation company prior to install.






Maxi ( Average price £350  fitted )




Based on the same platform as the Smartrack Trident this tracker is Thatcham approved for Plant equipment. All the benefits of a category 6 tracking system including battery backup & movement sensor. Adding Smartrack SMS immobilization can be a bonus for Plant equipment being left on a work site over the weekend.



Very similar to the Trident . Battery backup issues if the vehicle is left for prolonged periods.



Tracker U.K 



One of the original Tracking companies in the UK. Also known a Low-jack in the USA.The brand has always been at the forefront in supplying tracking systems to end users as well as car manufacturers. With their unique VHF (very high frequency) technology, they have the support of all 52 UK Police forces with their interceptor cars & helicopters equipped with Trackers locate track & trace equipment. The investment into products  like Tracker Locate, Plant, Tracker Monitor SP Retrieve is just an insight into how serious they take stolen car tracking & vehicle theft to the next level of recovery.

Tracker Retrieve ( Average price £249 fitted )



Trackers entry level tracking system with VHF technology. An ideal solution for a budget tracker that does not require internet access.  Tracker self-powered retrieve is the latest tracker in this group which is ideal for the Leisure market or vehicles without a battery source ie caravans,catering trailers,horseboxes .



Does not have a motion sensor . So in the event of an unauthorised vehicle move, it is down to the owner to report the theft . A big disadvantage if you are away or vehicle is stored elsewhere out of sight.





Tracker Monitor  Cat 7–  ( Average price £200 fitted )



This Tracker monitor comes complete with motion sensor & battery back up. This unit is classed as a category 7 tracking system which means it  only picks up a stolen vehicle via they’re unique VHF technology( very high frequency ). Do not assume this is a less of a product without GPS as one of the most potential benefits of this Tracker Monitor is that it  can locate vehicles parked in underground car parks or in metal storage containers.



Once fitted, this tracking system cannot be transferred to another car. This applies to all Tracker brand products ..Retrieve,Monitor,Locate.


Tracker Locate ( Average price £325 fitted )


The new Tracker Locate is one of the most advanced tracking system available in the UK. This tracking system has all 3 technologies (GPS,GSM,VHF) available to locate a stolen vehicle.


What does this Tracker come with?


Signal jamming detection feature – GPS/GSM jammers are becoming a known factor in the underworld of stolen vehicles, this tracking system works in a remarkable way that not only it detects the GPS/GSM signal being blocked but then transmits their VHF signal to all Police forces in the UK & control centre.


That’s not all! using their dedicated.


Tracker Mesh network’ blanket  -the stolen vehicle can transmit to another vehicle passing by which has a Tracker Locate/Plant device fitted – Thus acting as a transmitter to relay the ‘position’ to the Tracker Control centre.


Free web access is the new bonus feature added to the Tracker Locate allowing the end user to log on & see the vehicle , set geofence alerts , text message your phone when the car is moved – ideal if you’re going away on holiday.



Other than as stated before the Tracker Locate is not vehicle transferable. This tracking system is very hard to beat & is amongst the piers of Stolen vehicle trackers .


Tracker Plant ( Average price £350 fitted )


Very much similar to the Tracker Locate. This is a unique product that has been designed for the Plant construction & agricultural marketplace. With all the same features this further allows you to pull of vehicle fleet reports , set geofence alerts  & breaches,measure running hours. A top product combining Gps/gsm/VHF technology.



Same as the Tracker Locate.Other than as stated before the Tracker Locate is not vehicle transferable.



This is the same company who take traffic data across the UK & make every motorist’s driving a lot easier on the road. Trafficmaster H.Q & there control centre are based in Cranfield, Working hard with manufacturers & there telematics devices such as the Trackstar Tm470 they have achieved contracts with BMW GB, JAGUAR, LANDROVER as the main suppliers of their stolen vehicle trackers.

Trackstar Tm450/ Tm470 ( Average price £250 fitted ) 


Approved by BMW,LandRover,Jaguar this well-established tracking system offers full category 6 features incl motion sensor, battery backup,Free web access view of last ignition cycle & optional pay as you go detailed vehicle reporting. The Tm450 was superseded with the new Trackstar Tm470, release date mid-2013.



Equivalent Thatcham category 6 products like the Tracker Locate has one additional feature & benefit of the VHF technology.




Trackstar Advance ( Average price £699 fitted ) 


Introduced to combat key theft this product was designed by Trafficmaster to help owners immobilize their vehicle with the aid of the Trackstar Advance & its unique driver I.d cards . Similar to a category 5 product this Trackstar Advance comes complete with the driver tags to prevent the vehicle from starting up unless the tags are with proximity of the vehicle. The Trackstar product is a category 6 product & is endorsed by BMW LandRover & Jaguar.



Leaving your driver tag in the vehicle would render this product useless for its sole purpose of immobilizing .Also attaching it the car keys you are leaving your car in a vulnerable state. Price is very much the same as the Trackstar category 5 so you could be inclined to sway over to the higher Thatcham tracking system category.







Trackstar Category 5 tracking system ( Average price £699 fitted ) 


Approved by BMW,LandRover,Jaguar this is Trafficmasters flagship product .Similar to all other Thatcham category 5 products its comes complete with driver I.d tags as well as an immobilizer that is only authorized by the Police in the event of a theft.



Overall an excellent product that has the backing of BMW Jaguar & Land Rover car tracking systems. The only downside when comparing to Cat5 car trackers is missing a crucial advantage of the extra feature of VHF technology ( Only available with the Tracker Brand ).

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