BMW Key Programming!

For a very long time now more and more BMW vehicles have been stolen without the keys to the vehicle!

Recent reports have shown that the most prestigious vehicles like BMW have been reported stolen without the owners keys. Sophisticated equipment used by organized car criminals can access your BMW and drive it away within minutes of gaining entry.


Smart car thieves using key cloning technology have found many ways of easily stealing your BMW. They can not only turn off the alarm and factory immobilizer but also scramble any communication from the BMW telematics system. Many reports on BMW forums have demonstrated clients the extent of key cloning and BMW key programming when it comes to car theft.

BMW M3 Monte Carlo stolen car tracker

Here you will find a BMW 1m stolen. Six months later ithe vehicle was eventually recovered and bought to us for extra vehicle security and tracking. This scenario was planned by a Midlands car criminal gang and when you watch the footage it shows the speed of how they remove the vehicle.


With most Bmw’s with keyless entry, it has become a public interest on car theft prevention. Insurance companies have hiked up insurance premiums demand stolen car trackers be installed, even though your Bmw may have an onboard telematics system. We have some of the very best vehicle security systems stolen car trackers that can help prevent your vehicle being stolen. We can protect the Obd ports, install anti jamming tracking systems fit some of our most unique stealth systems to prevent your vehicle being driven away!


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