Ford Focus St Rs Key Cloning & Car theft!

This rare Ford Focus Rs500 was one of the limited editions that was our customers pride of joy. The concern of it going missing with all the latest car thefts reported on RS owners & ST owners was theft by organized car gangs.

The problem with the Ford Focus ST and the Focus RS had now become evident where the keys can be cloned & factory immobilization alarm systems bypassed with the aid of special cloning/grabbing equipment widely available through the net. Yes! organized car criminals had found a loop hole in stealing the Ford ST and RS without the need for the driver’s original keys. In addition our client had heard of Focus RS owners being hi-jacked whilst at home, so we knew there was no room for compromise.


With the Focus RS, we knew how organized car criminals would approach the vehicle Key cloning has now become widely used to steal vehicles especially with keyless entry ..

Here’s an example of just how easy one could be cloned.


Protecting our client’s vehicle with every angle to prevent the key cloning was our specialty. If the Focus RS was stolen with unauthorized movement it would alert the Control Centre & client. Also the car thieves would possibly be equipped with illegal GPS/GSM jammers to scramble any communications so we needed to cover an area & find a solution for the best recovery.


Protection on the Focus RS was concluded with Obd port protection to prevent the key cloning. There was no need to add further alarm systems to it as the client was fully protected & the key cloning prevented further keys to be programmed into the vehicle. We secured the vehicle with our Tracker Locate which gave the client the personal geo fence option as well as the anti GPS jamming Vhf network which is linked to the Police. This gave the peace of mind that should the vehicle was ever be lifted it would trigger the theft alert instantly and recovery would be set into action.

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