Land Rover Defender 75% theft increase!

Working close with our client, he wanted to protect his Land Rover Defender from the staggering reports of increased vehicle theft by organized car gangs.

The problem with the Land Rover Defenders had become very discerning & our client had seen colleague’s vehicles going missing from their homes without the aid of the keys or alarm fob. Demands for the Defender for car spares and cloning had risen & become a tasteful investment for car criminals. Making Defenders a No.1 target for vehicle theft it was time our client looked at some professional advice in vehicle security with the experts.


With the Land Rover Defender, we knew what organized car thieves would target. Car parts were inevitable & we knew we could do very little for a door or bonnet to be removed externally without the aid of a vehicle alarm microwave but this was not the primary concern.

This vehicle was kept garaged overnight & we cover two aspects of security for the Land Rover Defender.

  1. Prevent the Defender from being stolen & driven away.
  2. If the vehicle was towed or lifted -best way of recovery of the vehicle.


As owners of Land Rover Defenders are aware, these type of vehicles are always easily stripped down & with an organized gang the vehicles could be stripped down to bare shell within a couple of hours, leaving very little to recover. Our mission here was we had to protect the vehicle in several ways that would make it very difficult to the human eye & there were no traces of any active security systems onboard that would postpone a car theft!


To secure and protect this Defender we installed several of our very most secure products.

Our first approach to preventing the vehicle from being driven was our excellent Stealth Active system that was completely covert wired into the vehicle looms running a covert imprint within the Defender. This customized security system not only protected the vehicle from hi-jack but also prevented key cloning/ start up from the theft of keys. The unique system allowed the client full protection from the recent theft activities of Land Rover Defender owners vehicles being stolen. The next fix was our best solution for a stolen vehicle tracking system that would aid the track trace & recovery of Land Rover Defender, hiding the tracking systems on the Land Rover Defenders is our expertise, completely covert & out of sight for any would-be car thief.

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