London Car Theft Alert!

Working close with Tracker U.K & other stolen vehicle Tracking Centre’s through U.K we have seen a staggering increase in car theft alone in London.

According to Home office reports the Metro Police have the first-hand experience in an uplift with organized car crime.

Car Criminals Opportunity

The problem has become well known, not only to Police organizations around the U.K /Europe but the unfortunate victims of car crime in London. Insurance companies are on a meltdown with the number of vehicles stolen without the owner’s keys. Rendering insurance companies first point of call to protect the insurance policy with a stolen car tracking system.

How is my vehicle stolen?

With most new vehicles now with keyless entry systems like Audi,BMW ,LandRover,Mercedes,Ford etc Sophisticated techniques & cloning equipment are being used to grab a security or immobilizer code whilst completely unknown to the owner. Turning off factory alarms & immobilisers & gaining entry into the vehicle has become a 60-second challenge.


Not only prestige cars go missing! One of the common misconceptions is that a stolen vehicle tracking system should be only be fitted to a Prestige or luxury, sports vehicle. Research shows that this, in fact, is far from the truth as a broad range of vehicles is being stolen on a daily basis in London from Mercedes Sprinter & Ford Transit vans, Land Rover Defenders, Classic cars, Mopeds, Catering trailers & Caravans & the list goes on!

The classic scenario of vehicles being stolen to order or strip down & sent to far eastern countries has become common practice for organized car criminals to make huge profits on crimes. Vehicles that have never been fitted with stolen vehicle trackers tend to disappear without a trace yet cars fitted with covert tracking systems have been successful in the majority of recoveries without leaving the U.K ports.


How can we help secure and protect your investment to prevent a car theft? Helping our clients with numerous ways of stopping car thieves taking away your vehicle has always been our forte. Even with today’s technology we have found sophisticated ways to track trace & locate vehicles but also prevent them from being stolen or hijacked in the first place. Our covert stolen car tracker installations have helped the successful recovery of our client’s vehicles over the years. With recent crimes, our Stealth systems have prevented vehicles being stolen using key cloning or hijacking. Each client we have can have a tailored security system to suit the insurance company & personal budget. We have become the independent market leaders with stolen vehicle tracking & security products offering clients our Thatcham approved tracking systems at competitive pricing & Nationwide installations* with a 3-year warranty.

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