Mercedes Sprinters & Ford Transit Vehicle No.1 for theft!

We recently found the demand for vehicle tracking & theft security on more & more Mercedes Sprinters & Ford Transits then we have ever done.

The latest reports by National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service reported Ford Transits was the most stolen vehicle in the U.K in 2015. Over 11000 Fords were stolen & over half of them were Ford Transits. Facts become duller with the reports showing that over two thirds of Ford Transits were never recovered.


Most vehicles now including the Mercedes Sprinter & Ford Transit are prone for key cloning / code grabbing. Sophisticated techniques by organized car criminals have found their way onto the streets & stealing these commercial vehicles at ease. Main target of these vehicles found that vehicle programming equipment could be purchased without question or approval by anyone.


To secure and protect your commercial vehicle whether it be a Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit you always need to look at preventing the vehicle being stolen with or without the keys.

Best Obstacles! -Simple mechanical aids from the 80’s like disk locks for steering wheels, wheel clamps have now made a comeback to purely make it another obstacle for the car thief to get around. Obd diagnostic port protection has become very popular for preventing any third party access to the security of the vehicle mainframe. Vehicle tracking systems with anti-jamming technology have aided recovering vehicles quickly & criminals put behind bars.


Success! -Working with the industries best brands for vehicle security & tracking we have customized installations that we can covertly install without a sniff of presence, preventing your Sprinter or Transit vehicle being stolen, alternatively given the car criminals a surprise should they even attempt to look at your vehicle. From installation to handover we have had a great success with our clients retaining their vehicles, look no further when you want a professional team for installing your vehicle tracking & security system.

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