Stealing cars has become easy- Want to know how they steal your car with the latest car scams?

Most vehicles are being stolen with some sort of electronic latest technology. Stealing cars latest car scams with the internet is a vast world of science, technology & shopping and this, unfortunately, allows cybercrime through channels that you would not even think possible.

Do you know what the Top stolen vehicles in the U.K and is your car on the venerable list? [ click here ] 

Stealing Cars -theft reports

Car crime and stealing cars with the latest car scams.Following incidents that unfortunately have lost clients their vehicles and possessions…

Recent spells of Ford Focus Rs St Transit Customs. Have been on the prime target trend for key cloning and car theft. OBD technology has driven these vehicles into the hands of car criminals. Who are ringing or exporting these vehicles away with any further trace to the owner or insurance companies?

BMW  1 3 Series M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 X5 X6.  All have been subject to the wireless key entry and theft. Our most popular theft and recovery was of a BMW 1M stolen from Coventry Birmingham.  Thieves outside the clients home using diagnostic equipment to key clone the vehicle to drive away.



Key Cloning your Car

Audi A1 A3 S3 A4 A6 RS5 RS6 RS7 AUDI SQ5 Q7 R8. We had a call recently. A client’s new Audi Q7 was stolen in Solihull West Midlands from the driveway. The discerned owner still had both vehicle key sets at home. Mercedes AMG A45 C63 ML63 AMG GT SL63. -Our last client had C63 AMG to go missing without the keys from the owners home address. The owner thought his house was secure enough. Thoughts of breaking and entering would be impossible. The theft involved nothing but custom-made car cloning equipment and the vehicle never recovered.

Let’s see what car criminals are up to when it comes to scams and stealing your car.


Car Spoofing – Car jamming – Key Cloning – Frequency Blocking –

Many stolen cars, Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Ford, Mercedes, VW are stolen using electronic gadgets.

What is Car Jamming, Spoofing, Key Cloning and Blocking? – This technology is now used widely across the country when car crime is involved. Your high end or prestige cars are so venerable especially when they have the latest keyless entry system.

The Spoofing operation involved in stealing your car right off your driveway now is the easiest way to hack your vehicle locking. This, in turn, disarms your factory vehicle alarm system and now allows the next step in programming the vehicle to accept the car thief as the authorised driver

Factory Car Alarms Bypassed

Thinking a car alarm prevents a car from being stolen? Using the M2M network you see the Audi hacked using the Gsm network and a laptop.


Stealing cars latest car scams – The manual way to get into your vehicle without damage.

Key Cloning – vehicle entry without car damage. The device below can be easily obtained through channels that are unfortunately available to the public. Attending an authorised vehicle electronics event last year we have actually witnessed this product unlocking a vehicle door barrel within 60seconds. As you know this would have the same effects as entering your vehicle with a remote control which would turn off all factory alarms.

key cloning

key cloning


Prevent your vehicle being stolen through latest car scams

We have been working very closely with clients to find the best solutions to preventing your vehicle going missing.  We have tailored bespoke security systems and devices to assist in the prevention of vehicle theft or entry. At Tracking My Car not only offer the conventional car alarms immobilisers and car trackers.We have gone to the next level to compete against the latest car scams and car thefts in the U.K.

We have you Protected!

With a ray of options on recovering your vehicle. We can help with our Insurance approved trackers, to next levels of our stealth installations. Here with our team of experts, we prevent key cloning and OBD car theft.

For expert advice in protecting your vehicle, our team would be happy to assist .try us today on 08006785498.

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