Top Stolen Cars 

How does your car compare on the most wanted stolen cars list? With our list of Top Stolen cars, the latest figures from Tracker U.K reveal Range Rover Sport & BMW X5 being the most wanted list of 2015.

That’s not all! in to Top stolen cars list the Range Rover is not only desirable for the Sports model but also the Range Rover Vogue & Autobiography have demonstrated popularity amongst car thieves.

Top Stolen cars like the BMW 3 & 5 series have also topped the hit list being in the Top 5 most wanted stolen cars of the century.The new arrival the Audi Q7 has become a part of the most wanted stolen vehicles list 2015, all this significantly equated to the premium marques being a target for organized car criminals.



    2014                                                                                2015
  1. BMW X5                                                                      1.Range Rover Sport
  2. Mercedes C Class                                                            2.Bmw X5
  3. Range Rover Sport                                                           3.Range Rover Vogue
  4. Mercedes Benz E Class                                                       4.Mercedes Benz C220
  5. Land Rover Discovery                                                        5.Bmw 3 Series
  6. BMW M3                                                                      6.Mercedes Benz C63
  7. Range Rover Vogue                                                           7.Bmw 5 Series
  8. Audi RS4                                                                    8.Audi RS4
  9. Mercedes Benz ML                                                            9.Range Rover Autobiography
  10. Mercedes Benz C63                                                          10.Audi Q7


How can you protect your vehicle if its in the Top stolen cars list? 

Tracker Locate Tracker Locate   Porsche Autowatch Ghost



At Tracking My Car you have a team of experts who not only take care of your vehicle installation but take pride in the specialist field of vehicle security & Insurance approved GPS stolen car tracking .

One of the most advantageous products we have to offer is the Unique Vhf technology by Tracker U.K which has become potentially the ‘last call’ on recovering a stolen vehicle. The Vhf technology has assisted stolen vehicle recovery for many years & successfully recovered million pounds of assets. Using the Vhf technology has the benefits of detecting vehicles hidden in metal containers or underground car parks, something where GPS /GSM alone would potentially deprive your stolen vehicle recovery.

Best Vhf Stolen Car tracker –

Tracker Locate – Thatcham approved category 6 stolen car tracker with GPS/GSM/VHF
Tracker Cat5 Plus – Thatcham approved category 5 stolen car tracker with 2 x driver recognition i.d tags ..GPS/GSM/VHF – Category 5 is currently class as the highest level of stolen car tracking predominantly fitted on vehicles £75k+.

Tracker Monitor -Thatcham approved category 7 -Vhf only product – stolen car tracker – Unique Very high frequency (VHF) allows the Police to detect signals from a stolen vehicle in a metal container or underground car park.

Tracker Retrieve – Thatcham approved category 7 Vhf stolen vehicle tracking system – This product comes with a 5-year internal battery & is perfect for vehicles including catering trailers, caravans, motorhomes.


Our Stealth systems –

Our unique Stealth Active & Stealth Guardian anti-clone/hijack systems have been the most successful products to prevent thieves stealing your vehicle using key cloning & hi-jack owners keys from your home or work.

Autowatch Ghost, you can also rest assure your Audi Ford Mercedes VW Seat LandRover Nissan Porsche is protected from key cloning or key theft.

Here’s just a short video clip on How quick your LandRover Sport can have a Key cloned & gone in 60 seconds…



Top Stolen Cars UK
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Top Stolen Cars UK
The most stolen vehicles in the U.K .See if your vehicle is on the hit list with car criminals .
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