Fleet Trackers

AutoFleet Tracking Systems

autofleet tracking system

24/7 Live Updates

– See the location, speed and safety of your fleet 24/7

Detailed Reports

– Download reports of your fleet’s journeys throughout the week

Route Tracking

– Playback the journeys of your fleet at a touch of a button


– Create a Geofence around designated areas

Multiple Operators

– Create separate accounts for your employees, as well as relevant restrictions

European Coverage

– GPS coverage throughout Europe

Idling Time Detection

– Be alerted when any idling is detected

Priority Technical Support

In house technical support, Our dedicated support team are always at hand to help resolve any technical queries.

Upon the installation of your fleet tracking system, a member of our team will contact you to arrange a telephone training session so you can use your fleet management system to its full potential.

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The Benefits Of AutoFleet Tracking Systems

Web Based Tracking

24/7 Platform available for viewing your vehicles whenever, wherever you are.

Smartphone App

Mobile App available to help you view your fleet whilst on the move.

Pin-Point Tracking

Street level tracking with either 1-minute or 2-minute position updates.

Google Maps

By using Google Maps, we have access to Address Search & Route To Destination, Traffic Information and also Full-Screen Viewing.

Alerts & Notifications

We offer alerts for speeding, harsh driving, excessive idling & much more.

Lower Fuel Cost

With precise journey planning & monitoring driver behaviour.

The Benefits of Monitoring Driver Behaviour

AutoFleet Monitoring

By using AutoFleet you have the opportunity to monitor your fleets driving behaviour. You will also:

  • Protect your companies image and reputation.
  • Reduce the wear & tear of your Fleet.
  • Improve the safety of your employees.
  • Reduce fuel costs.
  • Reduce insurance premiums.
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AutoFleet Web Platform/Mobile App

The AutoFleet Tracking Systems allows owners to view their fleet no matter what device you own. Whether you own an Apple, Android or simply have a computer, you will always have access to your fleet wherever you are, all you need is internet access.

Auto Fleet Go Tracking System