Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve


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*Subscription charges only commence upon activation of tracking unit on the day of installation.

Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve

Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve Features:
  • Thatcham approved Category 7 VHF tracking system
  • 5-year product life
  • 3-year warranty on Cars/LCV & 1 year all other vehicle types
  • Tracker Every 14th-day Health check
  • EU coverage using VHF through France, Spain, Italy, Poland and Russia
  • Ideal for Caravan /Trailers /Plant
  • Suitable for vehicles with no battery/power source.

The Tracker Retrieve tracking system does not need to be connected to a car battery – it comes with its own self-powered 5-year warranty battery.



VHF Technology

– The Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve features patented VHF technology that can locate your vehicle even if it has concealed in metal containers, lockups or even underground car parks. This VHF technology is not available on all trackers, but it is incredibly helpful in finding stolen cars.

Battery Life

– Also, the unit has a super long battery life which it can last up to 5 years standby. This unit does not need to be connected to the vehicles battery or any other power source due to having its own battery. therefore if the vehicle loses power then the tracker can still fully operate and report back any threats if necessary.

Easy Installation

– The unit can also be installed very easily into vehicles or hired assets. This is done by our qualified engineers, who have been approved by tracking companies, to fit the tracker into your vehicle.

Jamming Signals

– In addition to the VHF technology, the Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve also offers more high tech that can block jamming signals made by thieves. Thieves now have access to all sorts of technology and one of these bits of technology is a GSM jammer. This jammer blocks the tracker from reporting anything back to the control centre about the possible theft that is happening. But with this tracking system you won’t need to worry because this unit doesn’t allow the technology to block it, it has its own technology that makes it unaffected by these jammers.

Nationwide Support

– This tracking unit also offers Nationwide support from all UK Police forces. Therefore the right amount of force can be used to get your vehicle back to you as quickly and safely as they can.

Wide Coverage

– In addition to this, Tracker also has wide coverage in the UK, France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Holland and Luxembourg. This is highly useful as if your vehicle is stolen and then taken abroad, the tracker can still report back to the control centre where its location is. Most noteworthy is that Tracker also has support from various different Police forces in the said countries.


Tracker Self Powered Retrieve – Main Features

EU Coverage


Low Battery Alert

Insurance Approved

Caravan Approved

Nationwide Installation

Subscription Information


First year subscription £149
2 Years subscription £189
3 Years subscription £239
4 Years subscription £279
5 Years subscription £319
*Subscription charges only commence upon activation of tracking unit on the day of installation.
* An additional premium charge may apply to installations in remote areas such as Wales, Scotland,All Coastal & surrounding areas. Congestion and toll road & bridge charges, for example Greater/Central London and the surrounding areas.Please contact sales for further information if required.