Range Rover Autowatch Ghost 2 – Tassa Verified


Did you know your car can be stolen without the keys? See some of the most popular vehicles below that are prime targets for car theft!

Range Rover Autowatch Ghost 2 – Tassa Verified immobiliser can help stop your car being stolen with key cloning or theft.

The all new Range Rover Autowatch Ghost 2 is now a Tassa Verified Product and can now be recognised by insurance companies.

** Please contact our sales team to confirm vehicle compatibility before purchasing this product. This Price is a guideline price only, additional charges may occur. Call Us

** If your vehicle has remote start, this will no longer work with the Autowatch Ghost. Please call our team for more information.

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Why have a Range Rover or LandRover Autowatch Ghost system?

RangeRover Autowatch Ghost -One of the most prestige marks of a vehicle like the Range Rover & LandRover has become a demand for the UK roads as well as business executives to the individual family but also a prime target for car crime over recent times. Range Rover Sport Vogue Evoque, LandRover Discovery Freelander is just a small portion of cars stolen with technology known as key cloning.These vehicles are going missing on a daily basis without the presence of the original owner’s keys.Easily accessed on the web RangeRover key cloning equipment & door lock picking has become widely available to the underworld of car criminals. This cloning equipment & door lock pick sets require very little know how & training thus making it a very simple task to break into & steal the most modern cars today. All this access to such equipment that allows thieves to scan & clone your vehicle keys of your Range Rover.

RangeRover Autowatch Ghost its Simple – How it Works?

The Range Rover & LandRover Autowatch Ghost is a complete stealth immobiliser that runs totally independent to the factory alarm/immobiliser that’s fitted. Once you have a RangeRover Autowatch Ghost anti-clone system installed & programmed to your car or van by one of our qualified engineers. You will be demonstrated how to authorize a startup of your vehicle.You will require no additional keys fobs or touch keys when deactivating your RangeRover Autowatch Ghost.Entering an exact pin code sequence with your existing car buttons that the engineer will program into your vehicle will authorize a mobile vehicle.Each & every install will have a unique pin code sequence to enable safe start-up of the vehicle. There is also an iPhone App available ( at additional cost from iTunes click here) available which can allow you to enter your vehicle with your phone & that will authorize startup without having to press further buttons.

When it comes to valeting or servicing your RR Autowatch Ghost allows you to enter your vehicle into Service/Valet mode which then allows you to protect from revealing your pin code to the car dealership.

With RangeRover Autowatch Ghost nothing is on show in the vehicle.The entire installation is a covert install by one of our qualified technicians.


Main Features

Stealth Mode de-activation

Complete Stealth mode when it comes to start up your vehicle


Undetected to cloning equipment

Stealth Active is undetected by thieves key cloning equipment.

Auto Re-arming

Vehicle auto immobilisation.

Driver key Safe

Stolen with the driver keys or cloned -Stealth Active still secures vehicle.

No Subscription required

No monitoring or annual service charges required.

Battery disconnect safe

100% safe for classic , sports & prestige vehicles that require battery isolation when storing.

Multi Driver use available

*Optional add-on ; add additional driver stealth tags

Service Mode

Optional Extra ; Service/valet mode for when vehicle goes in for servicing( vehicle dependant )

Look how easy your car can be cloned? 


Important Notes

* Range Rover Autowatch Ghost immobiliser system is fitted from £499 vehicle dependent. Please call sales team for confirmation on price for installation on your vehicle.

** Due to the complexity of new vehicles, some vehicle Manufacturers, models are still in development. Please consult with our sales team for coverage on your vehicle.