Stealth Active Anti-Clone Security System


Stealth Active anti-clone theft immobiliser system. – Prevent your vehicle being stolen with Key cloning! Professionally installed to your Car,Van or Motorhome!

As an optional extra security measure, our Stealth Active anti-clone theft vehicle stealth immobiliser system is available for a number of vehicle Manufacturers, makes & models. The Stealth Active is a very discreet stealth immobilisation system that can be fitted alongside any vehicle alarm system or stolen car tracker. With today’s car crime rising, most of the vehicles stolen in the U.K are by stealing the original car keys or using sophisticated equipment (widely available on the net) to clone your keyless remote within minutes making your car disposable to the organised car criminals.

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Includes a 2-year warranty

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Stealth Active Security

Stealth Active is a stealth security system that runs in the background not interfering with your existing vehicle electronics. If a car thief decides to steal/clone your car keys they are then presented with an unauthorised mode which prevents them in starting the vehicle. Complete stealth mode to anyone who gets into your vehicle the Stealth Active security system can be disarmed without even your occupants knowing what security your vehicle really has.Should your car keys by stolen or cloned the Stealth Active security system leaves that element of surprise with the vehicle being completely immobilised. Operating in stealth mode the Stealth Active security system is not affected or bypassed with key cloning equipment or Obd diagnostic making this product unique & 100% safe.

Main Features

Stealth driver tag recognition

Stealth driver i.d tags


Undetected to cloning equipment

Stealth Active is undetected by thieves key cloning equipment.

Auto Re-arming

Vehicle auto immobilisation.

Driver key Safe

Stolen with the driver keys or cloned -Stealth Active still secures vehicle.

No Subscription required

No monitoring or annual service charges required.

Battery disconnect safe

100% safe for classic , sports & prestige vehicles that require battery isolation when storing.

Multi Driver use available

*Optional add-on ; add additional driver stealth tags

Service Mode

Optional Extra ; Service/valet mode for when vehicle goes in for servicing( vehicle dependant )

Look how easy your car can be cloned?