Tracker Locate Manager Fleet System

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Tracker Locate Manager allows you to stay in control and track your fleet in real-time allowing you to view where and how your vehicles are being driven. It also offers you our premium police operated, stolen vehicle recovery service. The security and successful recovery of your vehicles is our top priority because we understand the implication that vehicle theft can have on your business.

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Tracker Locate Manager, the most secure Fleet Management System


The success of your business relies on always knowing where your vehicles are, improving business efficiencies and managing driver safety and performance. By using Tracker Locate Manager you’ll gain access to a unique website that you can use to monitor your vehicles in real-time and review how, when and where they are being driven as well as other great features such as business and private mileage reporting, traffic delays and journey playback.

Tracker Locate Manager provides our unique police operated, stolen vehicle recovery service, it is a ground-breaking system with ‘jamming’ countermeasures providing the ultimate defence against vehicle theft. Tracker Locate Manager combines VHF with GPS and GSM technology making this system far more resilient to this form of attack. Tracker Locate Manager will raise an alert to TRACKER if there is any attempt to jam the communication system or suspected tampering.

The security and successful recovery of your vehicles is our top priority because we understand the implications that vehicle theft can have on your business.


  • Real-time monitoring of your fleet on a website
  • Alerts if vehicle battery is disconnected or running low
  • Offers high tech tracking technology that is not affected by GPS/GSM signal jammers
  • Back-up battery in the event of theft
  • Mainland UK Guard and Recover
  • Covert installation from accredited installer
  • Europe-wide coverage
  • 4 way location tracking (VHF, MESH, GPS, GSM)




Tracker is approved by;
Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Maserati, Smart, Toyota, Case New Holland (Tractors), Bailey Caravans, Morgan, Caterham, Aerial, NFU Insurance



GSM/GPS/VHF tracking technology


Internet Enabled


24 hour monitoring tracking control centre


Insurance approved car tracker


Thatcham approved TQA089


Covert installed GPS / GSM black box


Includes Nationwide installation by certified engineer


1 Year warranty on tracking system and service**


Trusted Supplier


With certified technicians, you can guarantee a quality installation. Giving you that peace of mind your car is in safe hands.

*Subscription charges only commence upon activation of tracking unit on the day of installation.
* An additional premium charge may apply to installations in remote areas such as Wales, Scotland,All Coastal & surrounding areas. Congestion and toll road & bridge charges, for example Greater/Central London and the surrounding areas.Please contact sales for further information if required.