Tracker Plant

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The Tracker Plant Designed especially for construction and agricultural vehicles and equipment, TRACKER Plant combines stolen vehicle recovery technology with fleet management functionality.

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*Subscription charges only commence upon activation of tracking unit on the day of installation.
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Main Features

Construction plant tracking

Construction plant is vulnerable to theft and with only 5% of plant stolen in the UK being recovered, thieves cost the industry around £1 million every week and it makes sense to protect your assets with TRACKER.

VHF and GPS tracking technology

Our products use VHF technology that can foil even the most professional thieves to overcome jammers and locate hidden construction machinery. Our asset tracking solutions also enable you to keep a closer eye on your fleet by monitoring running hours, ensuring vehicles are used on the agreed site only and helping you plan servicing schedules efficiently.

How TRACKER stop construction plant vehicle theft


TRACKER Plants motion sensor transmits data when your assets are moving from one site to another, even when the ignition is switched off. A geofencing area can be activated to alert should one of your vehicles leave a designated site.


If you think your plant vehicle is being stolen or is part of an organised crime you must contact the Police to report the vehicle as stolen. You will be given a crime reference number of equivalent validation that can be used as part of the recovery process. You must then inform TRACKER and the system will be activated.


The police will use TRACKER receivers in their patrol vehicles and helicopters to locate your stolen vehicle. Due to TRACKER using GPS and VHF technology our plant trackers can be recovered even if the thieves are using a GPS/GSM signal jammer, or if the vehicle has been stored in a lock-up either out of site or underground.


Your vehicle will be identified and secured, a uniformed security guard can wait with the vehicle until successful recovery.


Vehicles can be recovered from anywhere in Europe to a UK location of your choice up to 3 and a half tonnes.

GSM and GPS location

providing Europe wide coverage

Patented VHF technology

to track stolen vehicles even when they are concealed in containers, lock-ups, barns and warehouses

Dual technology and signal jamming detection

to overcome criminals trying to block the tracking device

In-built motion sensors

to identify unauthorised movement

Nationwide support

from all 52 UK police forces


Use geofencing to be alerted if plant is removed from a designated site

Web Portal

to monitor plant running hours and manage service schedules

Reports and data

offering insight into all aspects of your fleet

Measure Running Hours

to accurately charge for plant use, monitor driver activity and plan servicing

Track Working Times and Hours

to better understand customer needs

Subscription Information


Option 1 : Standard Annual Subscription : £229
Option 2 : Standard 2 Year Subscription : £430
Option 3 : Standard 3 Year Subscription : £549
Option 4 : Standard 4 Year Subscription : £779
Option 5 : Standard 5 Year Subscription : £959
*Subscription charges only commence upon activation of tracking unit on the day of installation.
* An additional premium charge may apply to installations in remote areas such as Wales, Scotland,All Coastal & surrounding areas. Congestion and toll road & bridge charges, for example Greater/Central London and the surrounding areas.Please contact sales for further information if required.