SmarTrack Reco S7


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SmarTrack Reco S7

The SmarTrack Reco S7 has been tested to the Thatcham S7 standard. The device operates using GPS/GLONASS, GPRS and GSM technology. Utilising the internal battery backup, the device can remain operational even when the vehicle’s power supply is removed.

SmarTrack Reco S7 – Key Features:

  • Global Telemetrics Mobile App – Available on Apple & Android phones.
  • Optional Alarm Input – An aftermarket alarm can be connected to the tracking device – If the alarm triggers, the control centre will call you to ensure your vehicle is safe.

SmarTrack Reco S7 – General Features:

  • GPS/GSM Technology
  • 24/7 Control Centre
  • Battery Monitoring
  • Anti-Tamper Monitoring
  • Waterproof Device
  • Thatcham & Insurance Approved S7

Monitored by Global Telemetrics

SmarTrack’s Stolen Vehicle Recovery products are now recognised as a market leader in insurance approved vehicle tracking systems throughout the UK. Our stolen vehicle tracking devices have been assured by Thatcham to be recognised by insurance companies. SmarTrack devices can be fitted to the following vehicles: cars, caravans, motorhomes, vans, lorries, cranes, plant machinery, tractors, motorcycles and even marine.